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Amazing Jaguar Hunt in Brazil: Jaguar hunting a huge sachavaca!

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Great video, filmed by an amateur featuring a Jaguar stalking and hunting down a Sachavaca!

Did you know that Jaguar's largest cousins, the Tigers are critically endangered?
South China tigers are critically endangered, around 100 of them are left in this world, almost all of them in Chinese Zoos.... luckily there is Save China's Tigers.

SCT is an organisation which plans to save the South China Tigers via bring captive-bred cubs from China zoos, and to train and rewild them in a natural environment of South Africa, so that one day they can be sent back to China and be released ina pilot reserve, where prey will be introduced and local villagers can become rangers, using South Africa's ecotourism model, SCT plans to Save China's Tigers.

Features the unique project of rewilding tigers, which involves the bringing of captive bred South China Tigers from Chinese Zoos to South Africa where they will be undergoing a programme where their hunting instincts will be regained so that one day they can be sent back to China and be released into the wild.

The South China Tiger is facing extinction - there are less than 100 left on the planet. And some experts have declared them extinct in the wild, experts such as Gus Mills and WWF. These tigers have been taken to a reserve in South Africa from China for \"rewilding\" and are part of a breeding programme to release cubs onto a reservation back in China.

The South China Tiger is seen to be the most endangered of all Tiger subspecies, considered extinct in the wild, and bred in captivity from a handful caught half-a-century ago, now there are around 70 left. All descended from just 6 individuals caught 50years ago. They are critically endangered and needs help and attention from everyone out there.

Tiger - rhino - cheetah - lion - wildebeest -blesbuck interactions and more!

These are all studbook tigers, purebred South China Tigers. Only 70 are left on Earth, other than them, all others are kept in China zoos. Please support them and help them!

Please visit Save China's Tigers website at http://www.savechinastigers.org for more information.
Donate and help Save China's Tigers at this page: http://english.savechinastigers.org/donatenow

And Please Join the Organization's facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Save-Chinas-T igers/113544497948?ref=ts to support them

Wikipedia page: http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Save-Chinas-T igers/113544497948?ref=ts

Tigers are known as the King of the Beast in China and most of Asia.

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