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Creationist Cowards Diss Darwin

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So Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of The way of the Master have again chosen to let their actions speak to the worth of character that their religion instills. In their latest publicity stunt they have decided to take a book written 150 years ago by Charles Darwin and put in the front a 50 page introduction, a significant portion of which is devoted to bad mouthing the dead.

Yup thats right, apparently dissing the dead is now fair game if you are a creationist.

Unfortunately they havent realized that this is utterly independent of whether evolution is correct or not. The only take home message just how cheap creationists are willing to go to attack science they dont understand.

To my mind there is only one appropriate response, and thats to basically call them on their socially reprehensible behavior:- maybe we need a modified bible to explain simple decency and logic to such folk.

So far, Ray, Kirk, Ken Ham n co have shown a masterly reluctance to present a scientific case, and claim that this is due to some persecution. Well okays fellas, you are formally invited to present your case on one of the more open and public forums of our time. Here on youtube.

I had to put this video together on the road, and in some haste, so please forgive the sound, and some of the production shortcomings.

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