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FDNY - Times Square Double Decker Bus Crash captured on EarthCam

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I heard about this over the FDNY radio and decided to record the earth cam footage of it happening and share with you guys, pretty crazy, enjoy.

\"A double-decker bus crashed into a crowded plaza at Times Square and was hit by another double-decker bus on Tuesday afternoon, injuring at least thirteen people and sending scores more diving for safety, according to New York City fire officials.

The accident, which took place just before 3:30 p.m. at the corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, caused at least one traffic light to crash to the ground and left the sidewalk, typically crowded with tourists and shoppers, littered with broken glass and other debris.

Fire officials said three people suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. The others suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses said a red Gray Line sightseeing bus, heading south on Seventh Avenue, sped through the intersection and drove up onto the sidewalk at Duffy Square. The crash occurred just yards away from where hundreds of tourists line up every day to buy discount tickets to Broadway shows at the TKTS booth. A blue City Sights bus was also involved in the accident and had extensive damage on its right side, where it collided with the other bus.

Orville Anderson, 42, from the Bronx, was sitting on the red steps of the TKTS booth when the accident took place.

“All of sudden we heard this big boom,” he said. “I saw the lightpole coming over and fall down. I looked over and we saw people laying on the ground. It was scary.”
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c32_1407273966 #O2bJhK1bzBuoC6qE.99

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