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Finnish Patria AMV XP Infantry Fighting Vehicle [1080p]

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Finnish Patria showcased its newest products at the international defence and security exhibition, DSEI 2015, in London on 15th -18th September 2015. At DSEI Patria exhibits for the first time the latest member of Patria AMV product family, Patria AMV XP IFV variant.

With deliveries to seven countries, Patria AMV is the market leader among 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles. AMV products are under continuous development and are fitted with the latest technology. Patria AMV’s structural solutions enable high payload capacity, high level of protection and integration of heavy weapon systems.

Patria AMV has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad. The latest addition to this product family, Patria AMVXP IFV, provides further strength to the company’s product range. This vehicle’s highly intensive testing phase verified that its features met the expectations. Patria AMV XP IFV provides the best solutions to match the customer needs of tomorrow.

The Patria AMV XP IFV variant features combat weight updated to 32 tonnes giving usable payload of 15 tonnes. This enables integration of full spectrum of protection against asymmetric and conventional threats, still allowing maximum firepower to be adapted by different weapon systems. Suspension, drive line and engine power is optimized to increased combat weight. AMVXP's engine has a power output of 450kW and is coupled to a 7 + 2 speeds automatic transmission gearbox. Thanks to its powerful engine, the AMVXP can reach speeds of up to 100km/h on road.

The vehicle's amphibious basic structure enables swimming version from same platform by integrating amphibious kit. This gives flexibility to meet different operational needs and enables the AMVXP to swim at speed of 6-10 km/h. Its open digital architecture ensures easy integration of various systems such as Weapon Systems, C4I, DAS, BMS and situational awareness. High electrical power output with battery management exceed the increased power consumption of crew/systems.

Extreme maneuverability of the AMV XP on demanding environments with bigger wheel size 16R20, Integrated Terrain Control System (ITCS) and Rear Axle Steering System (RASS).

The AMV XP features Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and Fleet Management for optimum Life Cycle Support and low Life Cycle Cost. Patria's new armored solution has a growth potential for future soldier needs; Modularity, Scalability, Survivability.

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