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Galaxy S Advance i9070 Disassembly & Assembly - Display Screen & Case Replacement

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For spares try http://www.etradesupply.com and use coupon code ETS2 for a small discount which also gives me credit.
Skip Intro 2:47
Loudspeaker 3:32
Sim & SD Tray 5:55
Main Camera 7:03
USB, Mic, Headphone Touch & Home key Flex 7:31
Front Camera & Proximity Sensor 10:50
Earpiece 11:23
Vibrating Motor 11:50
Screen Removal 12:28
Double Sided Tape 18:55
New Screen Placement 20:21
Diagnostics/Screen Test 29:28

DIY repairs will void any warranty but may save you £$

Shot up close with a Panasonic HC-X900

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I promise to read all of the comments and sometimes reply and will take on board any feedback or suggestions.

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