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Ingrown Toenail Removed

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I'm trying a silent video this time without commentary, your thoughts please on this move.

ABOUT video: patient presented with complaints of pain to the great toe, with swelling and minimal drainage.

The video starts after I numbed the patient with 2% Lidocaine via Digital Block. Video begins with me prepping the skin with betadine. After the patient confirms she is numb, I insert the tweezers the seperate the nail plate, from the nail bed. Then with the hemastats, I pull the ingrown section of nail out. Using scissors, I cut the ingrown section. In the particular video, a piece of nail is left deep below the cuticle. I fetch that piece of nail with scissors and tweezers and eventually remove it. Lastly, a piece of iodine/petroleum impregnated gauze is covered over the nail bed so the dry 4x4 gauze does not stick to the nail plate (this ensures easy removal of dressing when it comes off in 24-48 hours). Patient goes home with pain medication to take as needed and Keflex (antibiotic). Thanks for watching, SUBSCRIBE, comment, like, share!!

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