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iPhone 5S Mobile substrate A7 support (fixed)

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The wait is over, Mobile substrate from @saurik has been updated to support A7 devices. Now we can finally see just what a 64bit processor can really do:D

For those unfamiliar with mobile substrate and what it exactly does for tweaks, themes, mods, etc on Jailbroken IOS. It is simply the backbone that makes everything work (put simply). Or in other words it is the framework which adds the required support in order for tweaks to work and/or run properly/at all. Springboard mods such as themes managed by winterboard, tweaks such as pandora downloader that adds functionality to an existing app (or an app extension), settings modifications managed by activator and just about everything in cydia that makes IOS worth jailbreaking.

The original issue that many faced was the lack of support for these cydia mods that everyone has missed so much since 6.1.2 due to the fact that mobile substrate did not support arm64 (or the A7 64bit processor) when the @evad3rs released evasi0n7 (tool used to jailbreak IOS7).

But now that is all over, the 0.9.5000 Mobile substrate (Officially Cydia Substrate in Cydia) update is out and we can all enjoy IOS again.

Any questions let me know...

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