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Pacman gives Jinkee the 'new Manny' on her 33rd birthday
Posted by Online on Jan 15th, 2012
Manila, Philippines -- INTERNATIONAL Filipino boxing superstar and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao said that his birthday gift to his wife Jinkee this year is not something tangible.

When asked what it is, Manny told ABS-CBN News, \"[Regalo ko sa kanya] 'yung new Manny, forever.\"

After her pre-birthday bash last Wednesday in General Santos City, Jinkee and her whole family continued the celebration in a private island in Sarangani province.

On the actual day of her 33rd birthday, January 12, the wife of the boxing champ hosted an intimate party with family and closest friends at Tuca Beach. All the guests stayed overnight in the remote island.

Pacquiao's children slept in their yacht, while the couple rekindled their romance by sleeping on the beach, under the stars.

Meantime, Pacquiao was said to have \"renewed\" his Catholic faith after \"doing evil\" in the past.

An item posted on abs-cbnnews.com quoted him as saying, \"If I had died last year or in the last two years, I am sure I would've gone straight to hell...My faith in Him is there 100 percent but behind it, I was still doing the Devil's advocate. I was still doing evil.\" (ABS-CBN News, Bulletin Entertainment Online)
http://www.tempo.com.ph/2012/pacman-gi ves-jinkee-the-new-manny-on-her-33rd-birthday  /

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Pound-for-Pound Boxing King Manny Pacquiao has bought a P25-million yacht as a Christmas gift to his family.

The Italian-made yacht, named \"Sarangani's Pride\" thorough to be the \"Ferrari\" of yachts, is Pacquiao's surprise treat to his family following his successful bout hostile to Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez last November 12.

\"Regalo ko sa pamilya ko at sa mga kids ko, wife ko after ng fight,\" he said.

It carries 3 jet skis, worth P1 million each, and it can travel from Sarangani to Manila in a day-and-a-half.

Pacquiao's wife, Jinkee, said they had been dreaming of owning a yacht for sometime now.

\"Andaming blessing na dumating atsaka 'yung yate, iniisip lang namin dati na kelan kaya kami magkakaroon ng ganyan? Tapos ngayon, eto na,\" she said.

Pacquiao said he and his family will have plenty of bonding time while riding the yacht.

Check out Pacquiao's P25-M yacht from SOURCE.

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