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Offroad Volkswagen Bus T5 extreme 4x4 by Seikel / ams TV - VW syncro 4wd 4motion off road

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VW Seikel T5 extreme 4motion / ams tv auto motor sport / Volkswagen Bus syncro

...at about € 25.000 for modifying


Seikel T5: perfect vehicle for everyone
The technical basic data of the vehicle, in which there is beside the suspension and the modified final drive ratio everything accordant to the Volkswagen-series-production vehicle, are impressive:
- approximately 40 cm ground clearance
- permanent reduction of 1,5:1 (33 %)
- Seikel single wheel Portal axle
- maximum speed up to 150km/h (against engine)
- Tyres 235/85R16 (available all over the World)
- minimum speed 3,6 km/h idle speed 1. gear
- total height commercial/station wagon 220 cm

So the Seikel T5 extreme is the perfect vehicle for everyone, who has or likes to range in extreme terrain: from pipeline builder to border controls, military and globetrotter. It´s fun to all fans of all-terrain vehicles. With the Seikel T5 extreme no terrain will be too difficult to drive and youll have the pleasure of innovative, sophisticated and mature techniques at the same time.

ground clearance

38cm under the engine/gear box - 42cm mid wheel base
approach angle


departure angle


ramp angle

SWB 29° LWB 25°

Climbing gradient

up to 45° (100%)

maximum speed

up to 150 km/h (different engine power)

permanent final drive ratio

1,5:1 (33% shorter)


235/85 R16 with MT or AT profile


7Jx16 ET 112 steel


4 piston calibres FR and RR

short final drive ratio

gear 1 and 2 are 18% shorter, gear 3 to 6 are 10% shorter, reverse gear is 17% shorter than series T5 4MOTION

Our system fits in all VW T5 models, no matter if double cab, commercial vehicle, Multivan or California, short or long wheel base, 96 KW or 128 KW 5Zyl. TDI engine. The additional weight sums up to about 180kg and is balanced by higher corresponding total weight. Well supply the system from spring 2007 on. The T5 extreme has successfully been tested in the Northern Sahara. Very save travelling behaviour on standard streets because of a tight suspension and a spreading of the toe.

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