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Old Man's Heel - Tightly Packed with Jiggers!

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*ONE STEP AT A TIME* - One can't be over-ambitious to free such an inflicted foot in one session. Patience will ensure complete freedom for victims like this old man. It is not possible to remove everything with just one visit! Knowing this, our volunteer teams always go back to get all the jigger remnants out.
Let us continue to support their dedicated efforts at after-care and through Rise Up Society's follow-up programs. Your donation will enable them to give more help also through counseling, training in community life after stigma, training in project management and other programs that help return victims to active/positive living. You can donate through PayPal through donate@killthejigger.org or http://www.killthejigger.org/causes/

** POSTING POLICY ** Rise Up Society is a registered Charity with the government of Kenya. We seek to manifest the love of God by taking action. Your Comments and Questions are welcome. Postings will be deleted if they are clearly off topic, destructive to the cause, contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening language or personal attacks of any kind. Offensive terms that target specific individuals, groups, races or religions will be immediately deleted. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

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