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Shots Reportedly Fired at Trump Rally in New Mexico (UPDATE)

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UPDATED May 25, 10:06 a.m. ETDonald Trump commented Wednesday about the violence that broke out at his New Mexico rally Tuesday. He disparaged the protesters on Twitter.

Albuquerque police said several arrests were made inside the rally.

They also claimed that officers sustained injuries during the demonstrations.Chaos broke out during a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Tuesday night after an anti-Trump protester was reportedly removed from the event.

Earlier in the evening, protesters demonstrated, and burned Trump merchandise outside the Albuquerque Convention Center, while supporters of the presumed Republican presidential nominee tried to enter the building.

The demonstrations turned violent, as some witnesses claimed shots were fired, though Albuquerque police have yet to confirm the reports.

According to some reports, officers in riot gear released tear gas to control the crowd outside the convention center, but the Albuquerque Police Department's official Twitter account denied these claims and said \"it's just smoke.\" At some point during the demonstrations, the convention center's windows were broken, though it's unclear how that happened.

The Twitter account also claimed that anti-Trump protesters were being violent towards police.As the demonstrations escalated, Trump's campaign team told TIME's Zeke Miller that the businessman was no longer in New Mexico, and was already traveling to Los Angeles for another event.

Protests have been nothing new at Trump rallies throughout his presidential campaign. As of early Wednesday morning, Trump has yet to release a statement about the demonstrations. We'll continue to update this story as more details emerge.

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