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Starr & Michael | 12-7-12

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At home, a shirtless Michael tells Starr that AJ may go free. He talks about how hard prison was. They kiss and things get heavy. He doesn't want to pressure her but she wants this. Suddenly Carly won't stop knocking. Starr finally answers while Michael gets dressed. Carly apologizes for calling the cops on AJ. She hopes he can forgive her for not respecting his wishes. He forgives her and hopes she can understand why he will join the board at ELQ with AJ. She can't hold back about what a mistake that would be. She guesses the first order of business is to force Tracy out. Can't he see AJ is using him? His shares are in a trust until he is 25 and she will not release them. Michael throws her out. Diane calls Michael and tells him all charges have been cleared.

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Clips: jmanwf
Recap: soaps.com

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