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Steve Perez Lancia Stratos rally car idle engine sound

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Goodwood Festival of Speed FOS 2011, Steve Perez's Lancia Stratos. He didn't want me to film inside :)

Less than a week after extensively damaging his Lancia Stratos on the Ypres Historic Rally, much to everyone's amazement, Kick Energy rally driver Steve Perez was back in action in the car at last weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed and came away with the Spirit of the Festival Award.

The current BTRDA rally champion crashed at high speed on the Belgian event but thanks to Tim Ashton and the team at BTR Preparation and the Normandale's body shop, who worked round the clock during the week to rebuild and re-prepare the car, they wheeled out the iconic 1974 Italian machine to allow Perez to take his place with motorsport's elite at the event.

After a number of runs around the special rally stage, Perez was delighted to receive the Spirit of the Festival Award from Lord March himself, in recognition of the effort Steve and his team had put in to make sure they competed at the famous event.

Perez commented: \"When we saw the amount of damage, I thought there was no chance of repairing it in time for Goodwood but the guys have worked night and day to completely rebuild the car. We knew there were so many fans hoping to see the car and we just couldn't let them down so we did what we had to in order to make sure we made it. A lot of people were coming up to us asking if it was the same car we had crashed and we had to assure them it was! But the highlight had to be receiving the Spirit of the Festival Award after three days of competition and the fact that Lord March made the presentation himself made the whole team justifiably proud. The car ran like a Swiss watch too so all is looking good for the Midnight Sun Rally next weekend and we can hopefully get a good result.\"

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