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Take Me To Church (Acoustic Cover)

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I've had \"Take Me To Church\" by Hozier on repeat lately. Seriously both his EP's are amazing - if you haven't heard his music, you need to check it out. The lyrics of his songs go deeper than most.

Enter my good friend and fellow Nashville musician Matt Wright...with whom I've wanted to record a cover with for FOREVER. Once you hear his voice, you'll get why ;).

We sat around for an evening going through Spotify playlists and playing each other songs that we're currently in to...and this one just seemed to capture us both. Matt also happens to be a fantastic piano player, so we had some fun coming up with an arrangement.

Special thanks to Jourdan Lees at Made In Network for helping us with the filming (notice how that has slightly improved since some of our first videos haha). Also thanks to Kelsey and Seth Granda for letting us use their beautiful white upright piano.

- -

Check out Matt's channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/mattpwright

http:/  /www.soundcloud.com/meganashleydavies
http:// www.facebook.com/megandaviesmusic
http://www.t witter.com/meganadavies

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