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Tutorial: Darwin Deez - Up in the Clouds (Mr. Flash Remix) {TSC - Guile}

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Song: Up in the Clouds
Artist: Darwin Deez
Remixed by: Mr. Flash
Dancer: Guile

Observe a small subset of moves and what can be done with them. Be warned... not exactly easy stuff (especially at full speed parts). though it might look it...
This video is a hybrid of sorts. Part of the intent is to instruct, the other part is to see how much I can confuse you before the end of the song. Remember... no matter what happens ... whether being robbing at gunpoint, or witnessing the apocalypse.... keep moving those hips!

Note: the quick footwork at the end of the vid requires that the arms remain HORIZONTAL... not strewn willy-nilly in the air. I did that rather horrendously. but apparently i refused to redo it.

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