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Watch JBoss BRMS (BPM) Car Insurance Demo -

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Watch JBoss BRMS (BPM) Car Insurance Demo -

Chapter 9. Examples - JBoss Drools has an event model that exposes much of what's happening internally. Two default debug listeners are supplied, DebugAgendaEventListener and ... Integrating Business Rules and Business Processes Presentation given at the IIR Business Process Management Conference, San Diego, CA, November 13th, 2007. It focuses on the difference between rules and ... Syntel - Life Sciences Healthcare and Life Sciences Syntel offers end-to-end Pharma and Life Sciences solutions that helps life sciences companies optimize operations to improve productivity, reduce costs, and ... Drools & jBPM: Tuning Guvnor Guvnor is the business rules management system in Drools 5. When you deploy it out of the box, you get an unsecured web application that stores data in Jackrabbits ... Drools & jBPM All things Artificial Intelligence related: Rules, Processes, Events, Agents, Planning, Ontologies and more :) Changing the Rules Rules Fest 2010 is around the corner so dont hesitate to sign-up, San Jose Oct. 11-14th. It is a great opportunity to meet the leading thinkers behind rules ... Eric D. Schabell This week I was in London at the JBoss Developer Day to present in two session slots. The talks I posted previously, but the day itself was attended by a good group ... JBoss Drools and Drools Fusion (CEP): Making Business Rules ... This session will introduce JBoss Drools - Popular business rules engine and JBoss Drools Fusion - a complex event processing engine which is an extension ... Jar File Download examples (example source code) Organized by ... Jar File Download examples (example source code) Organized by topic Drools - Official Site Upcoming events. JUDCon Brasil ; Overview. Drools and jBPM consist out of several projects: Drools Guvnor (Business Rules Manager) Drools Expert (rule engine)

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