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Yacht For Sale - Pershing 92' Motor Yacht - Excellence IV

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For more information on Excellence IV, please contact Ale Navarro at 305-999-9999 or click here for more information: http://www.hmy.com/used-yachts-for-sale/PERSH ING/2014-92/230968

The 92ft Pershing production is marked by high performance, ongoing stylistic research, the use of top quality materials and interior design aimed at offering the highest levels of comfort. Together with engines up to 2638 hp and the use of surface propellers gives EXCELLENCE IV an extremely sporty performance with a top speed of 43 knots.

Once on board EXCELLENCE IV, you will quickly realize that the name defines her. Owned since delivery in Feb 2014, by one of the most well know Yacht owners in the world, EXCELLENCE IV, is better than new, having been maintained impeccable and upgraded by a diligent captain and crew.

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