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Black Ops 2 Town Survival Camping Spot with commentary

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Sisko Kid14-Steve

What up everyone, I finally got some zombie gameplay on Black Ops 2! :D Alright, so in this game we chose to camp behind the fence. The spot was okay in general, in this video we just sucked at coordinating and well, we had Steve to deal with -_-. I've done this spot with better friends and it's a really good spot. You just have to stick together in a group and kill any zombies that stray out of the line or else you kill them up close, they blow up causing lots of injury to your player. Unfortunately I die a lot but at least we made fun of each other while one person ran trains, circulated, whatever you want to call it. By the way, notice the better quality? I finally can record with an S-Video cable instead of the shitty yellow cable lol. Now text is crisp and clear to read! Overall hope you enjoyed the video, and like for more future camping spots. Peace!

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