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SOUNDTRACK: Russ Meyer's "Cherry, Harry, & Raquel"

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The official soundtrack to Russ Meyer's \"Cherry, Harry, & Raquel\". Time stamps to specific tracks are below.

00:06 - TRACK 1 - \"Raquel Theme\"
02:43 - TRACK 2 - \"The Toys Of Our Time\"
04:57 - TRACK 3 - \"Apache Sting\"
06:04 - TRACK 4 - \"South Of The Border\"
08:17 - TRACK 5 - \"Theme For Julie\"
10:13 - TRACK 6 - \"Cherry's Theme\"
11:35 - TRACK 7 - \"Lo Down\"
14:43 - TRACK 8 - \"Grenediers\"
16:20 - TRACK 9 - \"Go Apache\"
18:04 - TRACK 10 - \"Cherry British\"
20:14 - TRACK 11 - \"A Nice Tune\"
24:41 - TRACK 12 - \"Indian Theme\"
26:22 - TRACK 13 - \"Bastardo\"



Overall I really dig this soundtrack. I play it often.

While the official theme of the movie goes to STU PHILLIPS and others, the best writing/composing can be found on \"Apache Sting\". I love this tune so much I think it should have been the official theme song. The Bossa Nova shuffly of \"South Of The Border\" dates this album more than any other tune.

The groove of \"Grenediers\" is a sinister one; forboding, up to no good.

The album takes a bit of an odd shift from Track 11 through the end of the album. The music, while I like it, seems better fit for Russ Meyer's \"gothic\" period of movies: LORNA, MUDHONEY, FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, and MOTORPSYCHO.

The official soundtrack to \"Cherry, Harry, & Raquel\" plays easily while you go on about your day.

Start the video above, open a new browser tab, and surf on.





William \"Bill\" Loose first worked with Russ Meyer on Russ' 1969 mega-hit VIXEN; the film that put Russ Meyer on \"easy street\". Working as one of the music coordinators on VIXEN, Bill Loose went on to compose the music for CHERRY, HARRY, & RAQUEL (though the theme \"The Toys Of Our Time\" was composed by Byron Cole, James East, and Stu Phillips). He started composing BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS but Russ Meyer insisted that Stu Phillips come in and do the composing for that film. The 1970s saw Bill Loose compose music for Russ Meyer's BLACKSNAKE (1973), SUPERVIXENS (1975), AND UP! (1976).


Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer, Tom McGowan

Larissa Ely - Raquel
Linda Ashton - Cherry
Charles Napier - Harry
Bert Santos - Enrique
Frank Bolger - Mr. Franklin (as Franklin H. Bolger)
Uschi Digard - Soul (as Astrid Lillimor)
Michelle Grand - Millie
John Milo - Apache
Michaelani - Doctor Lee
Robert Aiken - Tom
John Koester - Gas Station Attendant
Daniel Roberts - Delivery Boy

Tom McGowan
Eve Meyer
Russ Meyer
Anthony-James Ryan

William Loose

Russ Meyer

Richard S Brummer
Russ Meyer


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