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Winter Solo Hot Tent Trek

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Kevin heads off on a solo winter camping trip to test out his new tent - Snowtrekker Basecamp - and his new stove - Muskrat Metalworks Ranger. The route was in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park in south-central Ontario. He used the Bottle/Sucker Lake area.

Filmed with a Sony NEX 5R Camera

Take note - The one thing I should have noted on the video are some ethics behind cutting boughs for the tent floor. I recorded a bit on that but I edited it out because the video was already too long. But it's important to note. It's has been a common practise to trim the base of spruce or balsam trees to create a floor for the tent. This gives some cushioning to sleep on, and also keeps you on top of the deep snow. I ONLY do this, however, in areas that's aren't used for summer camping. The sites I used on this past trip were way off the beaten trail. It's actually easier to just use a tarp. Less work. The tarp I showed in the video - the one from Canadian Tire that has a soft side to it - would work perfect for this.

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